We believe our guests deserve the best
dishes available.

Our extraordinary chef knows what Japanese cuisine should be. He hand-picks
fresh fish and other ingredients each day to serve our customers with the best
dishes in town; all of our staff also strives to be attentive with the same
mentality of service.

The menu offers more than what you would expect a Japanese restaurant,
and balances modern tastes with the traditional. Whether you’re craving raw or
broiled fish, grilled or stewed meats, or flavorful vegetables, you will find your favorites.
We also serve one-of-a-kind udon, soba, and ramen bowls. You can also choose
from a selection of salads and Japanese-style desserts including Mochi Ice Cream,
Tempura Ice Cream.

Edamame 3.95 Takokara (Fried Baby Octopus) 6.75Lightly salted, boiled soy bean Lightly starched & fried baby octopusGarlic Edamame 4.95 Kakifurai (Fried Oyster|5 pcs) 7.50Lightly salted, boiled soy bean with garlic soy sauce Panko-coated fried oysters, served with tonkatsu sauceAgedashi Tofu 4.95 Panko Shrimp & Zucchini (2 Shrimp & 3 Zucchini) 7.75Starched and fried, served in warm dashi sauce Panko-coated fried shrimp & zucchini, house made tartar sauceShumai (Crab or Shrimp) 4.95 Mixed Tempura (2 Shrimp & 4 Vegetables) 8.75Your choice of crab or shrimp steamed shumai, spicy ponzu for dipping Traditional Japanese tempura assortment, tempura sauce for dippingGyoza (Chicken or Pork|6 pcs) 5.25 Soft Shell Crab 8.50Traditional pan fried chicken or pork dumplings, spicy ponzu for dipping Fried soft-shell crab over crispy parsley, ponzu for dippingCheese Wonton (2 pcs) 4.50 Wasa Fried Chicken 7.25Fried spring roll with cream cheese & jalapeno filling Fried chicken with spicy ponzu for dippingCrispy Shiitake Mushroom 8.75 Tonkatsu 6.25Sliced sprinkled with sea salt, whipped cream cheese dipping Panko pork cutlet pan fried, tonkatsu sauceHumming Bird (4 pcs) 8.75 Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice (3 pcs) 7.25Shishito pepper, stuffed with spicy tuna & tempura fried, ponzu for dipping Crispy rice topped with spicy tunaRock Shrimp 8.25 Assorted Tsukemono 4.95Tempura, spicy ponzu Assorted pickled vegetable dishesCrispy Calamari 7.50 Oyster Shooter 5.95Yuzu-miso sauce dipping Oyster with grated yamaimo potato, masago and ponzuGreen Bean Tempura with Garlic Soy Sauce 5.50 Uni Shooter (Sea Urchin) 7.95Battered and fried green bean tempura, served with garlic soy sauce Uni with grated yamaimo potato, masago and ponzuSunomono Salad 8.50 Grilled Beef Salad 11.75Grilled beef, mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette, crispy wonton, and Fuji appleTomato Tofu Salad 5.00 Sashimi Salad 14.50Soft tofu, cubed tomatoes, and house ginger dressing Assorted sashimi, mixed greens, citrus-soy vinaigrette, bonito flakes, and masagoSeaweed Salad 5.25 Crispy Calamari Salad 9.75Served over sliced cucumber Crisp calamari, mixed greens and a light citrus-miso dressing, and tangerineCucumber Salad 3.95 Salmon Skin Salad 8.75Chicken Teriyaki Salad 8.75Chirashi Bowl 16.50 Assorted Sushi 17.50Tuna, salmon, white fish, surf clam, tiger shrimp, yellowtail, octopus, albacoreand tamago sashimi served over sushi riceOne piece each of tuna, salmon, albacore, white fish, tiger shrimp, surf clam,yellowtail with choice of California roll or spicy tuna cut rollSpecial Chirashi Bowl 25.00 Premium Assorted Sushi 28.00Chef’s selection of assorted Sashimi served over sushi riceAssorted Sashimi Platter 22.25STARTERSALADSENTRÉEServed with house salad and miso soupTwo pieces each of tuna, yellowtail, salmon, seared tuna, albacore, white fish,and sulf clam with side riceCucumber salad, diced wakame, rice vinaigrette, shrimp, octopus, and snow crabCucumber, diced wakame, rice vinaigrette Broiled salmon skin strips, mixed greens, ponzu, sliced cucumber, bonito flake,masago, and yamagoboGrilled teriyaki chicken, mixed greens, wasabi vinaigrette, and crispy wontonChef’s selection of eight pieces premium assorted sushi with choice ofCalifornia roll or spicy tuna cut rollⓒ2014 SLCC_MP1 Maximum 3 checks split per table slcc_wcm_rev.04_2014Spicy Tuna Tartar 12.75 Seared Albacore with Crispy Onion 12.75Avocado, wasabi tobiko, spicy sauce, wasabi sour cream and crispy wonton Seared albacore, ponzu, crispy onion flakes garnishWasa Ahi Poki 12.75 Yellowtail & Jalapeno 13.75Spicy Sashimi Medley 12.75 Halibut with Ginger Citrus 12.75An assortment of sashimi tossed in our spicy sauce Halibut sashimi drizzled with ginger infused citrus-soy, garnished with masagoand micro green onionAhi Tuna Wasabi Cream 5.25 Seared Jumbo Scallop with Ginger Sauce 5.50Ahi tuna, signature wasabi cream sauce, wasabi tobiko garnish Lightly seared jumbo scallop, signature ginger sauce, menegi & masago garnishAlbacore Tataki with Ginger Sauce 5.25 Seared Yellowtail with Jalapeno 5.50Seared albacore, signature ginger sauce, menegi & masago garnish Lightly seared yellowtail, garlic ponzu, jalapeno garnishAlbacore Tataki with Crispy Onion 5.25 Seared Toro with Ponzu 9.75Seared albacore, ponzu, crispy onion flakes garnish Lightly seared toro, garlic ponzu, green onion garnishAtlantic Salmon with Mild Miso Cream 5.25 Garlic Ponzu Sampler (3 pcs) 9.75Atlantic salmon, mild miso sauce, avocado & masago garnishSeared Atlantic Salmon with Garlic Ponzu 5.25Lightly seared Atlantic salmon, garlic ponzu, green onion garnish Treasure Sampler (3 pcs) 8.50Jumbo Scallop with Wasabi Sour Cream 5.50Jumbo scallop, signature wasabi cream sauce, wasabi tobiko garnishBalboa 13.25 The Social 15.25Tempura fried salmon-avocado roll, eel sauce, crispy onion garnish Veggie roll, seared yellowtail on top, garlic ponzu, jalapeno garnishThe Spectrum 13.25 Sky Dragon 15.25Rainbow roll, wasabi sour cream & mild miso sauce, masago garnish California roll, spicy tuna, avocado & tiger shrimp on topCucumber Wrap (6 pcs Cut Roll) 13.50 Spicy Bamboo 15.25Salmon & faux crab rolled in paper thin cucumber, served with ponzu dippingCrispy Rock 15.25Avalon 15.25Catalina 15.25Grilled Mackerel 7.75 Salmon Teriyaki 13.75Grilled mackerel, grated daikon and lemon on the side Grilled salmon teriyaki, sautéed green beans and carrot, served with rice, miso, and saladHamachi Kama (Yellowtail Cheek) 12.00 Chicken Teriyaki 13.75Grilled yellowtail cheek, ponzu for dipping Grilled chicken teriyaki, sautéed green beans and carrots, served with rice, miso, and saladSalmon Cheek 8.75 Beef Teriyaki 16.25Grilled salmon cheek, ponzu for dipping Grilled beef teriyaki, sautéed green beans and carrots, served with rice, miso, and saladMiso Marinated Black Cod 10.25 Sliced Garlic Steak 9.95Sweet miso marinated black cod Soy-garlic steak served over grilled onions with fried gobo garnishNegimayaki Beef Wrap 9.25 Savory Beef & Japanese Mushrooms 12.25Grilled sliced beef tenderloin with sautéed asparagus, eryngii & shimejimushrooms, finished with a savory garlic infused sake-soy sauceWASA SPECIAL SASHIMICalifornia roll, creamy-spicy rock shrimp tempura, eel sauce,tempura flakes garnish Spicy California roll, salmon on top, sectioned with lemon slivers, ponzu,black tobiko garnishSpicy tuna roll, soy paper wrap, seared albacore on top, Japanese shiso salsaand micro negi garnishThin grilled beef rolled around asparagus and green onion, sautéed in a teriyaki glaze,served over our Dijon-miso sauce, garnished with sautéed green beans and carrotsGRILLEDCubed Ahi tuna tossed in our Hawaiian inspired spicy sesame citrus-soy,served over thinly sliced cucumberLightly seared yellowtail sashimi drizzled with garlic infused citrus-soy,garnished with sliced jalapenoSeared toro, seared yellowtail with jalapeno and seared Atlantic salmon,all with garlic ponzuAhi tuna wasabi cream, albacore tataki with ginger sauce and AtlanticSalmon with mild miso sauceShiso & spicy tuna tempura, asparagus, white onions and faux crab,rolled in soy paper (no rice), eel sauce, shichimi garnishWASA TREASURETreasure Sushi (2 pcs each order)Treasure Roll (8 pcs per Cut Roll)ⓒ2014 SLCC_MP2 Maximum 3 checks split per table slcc_wcm_rev.04_2014Traditional Udon (Hot or Cold)|Soba (Hot or Cold) 8.00 Spicy Tuna Don 9.95Add Tempura +3.00 Spicy tuna over rice, tempura flakes garnish, eel sauce on top, served with miso soupRamen (Shoyu or Miso) 8.50 Poke Don 12.50Egg noodles in a choice of soy or miso broth, sliced pork Assorted sashimi tossed in poke sauce over rice, served with miso soupNabeyaki Udon 11.75 Unagi (Freshwater Eel) Don 12.00Hot pot udon with assorted tempura, chicken, egg, green onion, and fishcake Broiled eel over rice, eel sauce, served with miso siupFried Rice (Chicken or Pork) 7.25Traditional fried rice with eggs, green onion, chicken or pork, and diced carrotNoodle Combination [Lunch Only] 9.75Choice of 2 Items Choice of NoodleChicken Teriyaki Traditional Udon or Soba (Hot or Cold)Beef TeriyakiSalmon Teriyaki Choice of 1 ItemChicken CutletSesame Chicken California RollAssorted Tempura Salmon RollCalifornia Roll Vegetable RollSpicy Tuna Roll Tempura Don Assorted tempura over rice, sweet soy sauceSushi (4 pcs) Oyako Don Simmered chicken, egg and onion over riceSashimi (4 pcs) Chicken Teriyaki Don Chicken Teriyaki over riceChicken Cutlet Don Chicken Cutlet, sauce, white onion and egg over rice* No double orders on Sushi and Sashimi Salmon & Ikura (Salmon Roe) Don Baked salmon and Ikura over rice +1.50Spicy Tuna Don S picy tuna over rice, tempura flakes garnish +1.50Poke Don Assorted sashimi tossed in poke sauce over rice +2.00Unagi (Freshwater Eel) Don Broiled eel over rice, eel sauce +2.00California Crunchy Cucumber TunaSpicy Tuna Spicy Shrimp Salmon Salmon SkinRice|Miso Soup|House Salad (each) 2.00 Brown Rice 2.50Mochi Ice Cream (3 pcs) 4.25 Ice Cream (1 scp) 2.00Choice of chocolate, mango, strawberry, green tea Choice of vanilla, green tea or red beanTempura Ice Cream 6.00 Banana Tempura 6.75Soft Drinks Coke|Diet Coke|Sprite|Pink Lemonade|Iced Tea 2.75 Voss Water Still|Sparkling 2.75Iced Green Tea|Apple Juice (each) 2.75 Evian Water Still 1.75Served only Monday ~ Friday 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM (Wasa Sushi Only)* Soy Paper or Extra Vegetable +0.75 * No other Substitutions or additions|Not applicable to To-GosSIDE ORDERDESSERTSDRINKS2 Item Combination Lunch 14.50|Dinner 16.00Served with house salad, rice, and miso soupBanana tempura served with choice of vanilla, green tea or red bean ice cream,finished with light chocolate sauceChoice of vanilla, green tea or red bean tempura ice cream, served withseasonal fruitServed with house salad & Japanese picklesNOODLES & RICECOMBINATIONHAND ROLL SPECIAL [LUNCH ONLY ITEMS 2.75 per each]ⓒ2014 SLCC_MP3 Maximum 3 checks split per table slcc_wcm_rev.04_2014